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We know our advantages well, but we need to present them to you:

Full car insurance

No financial responsibility for damage to foreign guilt

24/7 roadside assistance
No kilometer limit
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Low prices
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Rent a Car in Sofia, Bulgaria

In today's modern world, renting a car is not a waste but a necessity. In an age where transport is more developed than ever, and the average person has the ability to travel by land, water, and air, the private car remains the preferred means of traversing short, medium, and moderately long distances.

Rent a car in Sofia services are getting more and more popular and are becoming part of everyday life for all of us. As far back as 1908, the automotive industry began in the mass form we know today.

For some people, to rent a car in Sofia is a necessity, for others, it is pure curiosity, and for others, it is a profitable way to spend their holidays or to secure personal transport on an important trip. Sofia car rental services are developing, and improving and each of us has the opportunity to take advantage of them in unlimited quantities.

There are many reasons behind the improvement of this service. Find the top benefits of the Sofia car rental service that we provide in the following paragraph.

What are the advantages of choosing SpeedyCars for rental cars

Imagine there was a problem with your personal vehicle or you didn't have one - what would you do if you had to take an urgent trip? Yes, intercity transport is an alternative, but let's be realistic - the idea of traveling 5-6 hours in a bus or train is not so appealing that you should bet on it.

Buying a car is the wisest investment to ensure your mobility, but unfortunately, it requires you to spend money. That's where SpeedyCars.eu comes in.

We are a Sofia rent-a-car company at the epicenter of which are long-standing values such as:

  • Correct and professional attitude;
  • Precision in providing a technically and visually perfect vehicle;
  • Friendly service to every customer;
  • Some of the best and competitively low prices on the market;
  • A variety of perks to take advantage of;
  • Car delivery at one of the busiest locations in the capital - Sofia Airport.

If we have managed to convince you to choose our services, we guarantee that you will be truly satisfied.

Every day the number of our new customers grows because of the honesty and accuracy with which we approach each new member of this family. Speedy Cars are the way to arrive on time without wasting money!

What are the options if you need a Sofia car rental

Rental cars in Sofia are a good alternative, especially for those who do not have their own car or theirs is in the service. By choosing to rent a car you save not only money, but also nerves and time.

Imagine you land at the airport and have to use public transport whose route you don't determine. Although quite convenient in some cases, we have to admit that public transport is not always the best option, especially when we are in a hurry.

In 9 out of 10 situations, the service rent a car Sofia will prove to be the more convenient and practical choice for your needs.

If you need rental cars in Sofia you can always trust the professionals from SpeedyCars, whose years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers speak for themselves.

By choosing us, you will get the necessary consultation, as well as in the process of providing the car rental you will get all the necessary information about the terms of the rental.

Don't hesitate, call us - we are waiting for you.