• Румен Гочев / 16.07.2019 19:16

    Много се радвам, че ползвах услугите ви. Продължавайте все така!

  • черкесов андрей / 18.05.2019 19:39

    всем рекомендую . отличная работа . хорошие машины и персонал

  • Plamen Velinski / 09.05.2019 14:53

    Спечелен съм. Никакви бюрократични спънки, доставка и прибиране от мой адрес, колата безупречна, служителите ведри и услужливи. Пожелавам успех в бизнеса и живота!

  • Светла Димова / 08.04.2019 00:31

    I recommend with two tumbs up 👐. I often travel to Bulgaria and always use car rental services. I was a client of another company for atleast 10 years but it looks like change always brings positive emotions. I was very pleasantly surprised by EVERYTHING. I can honestly say thay in my face you have a loyal client. ✔️ Perfect cars ✔️ The staff is very polite, professional and cooperative. ✔️ The price is more than good for the provided services. Thank you for your contribution in making my vacation more enjoyable than expected. 😘 I hope we meet soon Speedycars

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    I constantly use the car rental services of the Company Speedy Cars. The offer very favorable and attractive rental prices, especially when you need to go outside Bulgaria: for example, Greece or Serbia. Very professional management team. Many of the people there speak Russian and English very well. Almost all new cars in the company are in excellent technical condition. All services are always performed on time and professionally. I recommend the company Speedy Cars. You can believe me - you will not regret it. I wish the company prosperity and more customers.

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    Usually people are very quick in leaving comments, especially when they are unhappy with something, fair enough! @ Speedy Cars - Guys, you are doing business way better than expected! Website - 10 out of 10, response -10, Car quality (4wd in my case) - 10. And finally - YES, i definately will use your services again and again and also strongly RECOMMEND to other potential clients !!! Honestly, i can not come up with a single thing to point out as a negative. Best regards !!!

  • Диана Станева / 28.03.2019 15:55

    A very good company. Currently I don't live in Bulgaria but during every trip there I turn to their services. Their cars are always perfect, exactly as portrayed on their website, clean and on time. 😊 During my last trip we used a transfer from the airport to the hotel which was awesome. I will certainly continue to use their services in the future and I recommend them to everyone. 😊

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    I don’t know if you’ve ever had to use rent a car services in Bulgaria. I travel a lot in other countries and I can make a comparison… So I had to rent a car from Speedy Cars for me and some friends of mine from Austria, with which to travel around the country somewhere around the holidays so I can show them the beautiful places of Bulgaria. It turned out that besides the nature, my friends were impressed by the services and attention of the company Speedy Cars. The cars convenience, the correctness of the team and the advices for a better trip where of highest quality. This New Year began as we were imagining it – beautiful, emotional and charging. A big part of that was thanks to Speedy Cars. If somebody is in need of taking a decision, similar to mine, and decides to choose this company, he will not be the least bit sorry. Thank you guys and Good luck. See you soon!

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  • Казимир Колесников / 21.05.2018 20:11

    Пользуюсь услугами компании уже в третий раз. Представитель компании SpeedyCars по-прежнему… так же ждал меня в аэропорту, где быстро оформили документ. Цены более чем приемлимые, машины как новые. Быстро и без ненужных формальностей прошла сдача машины уже при вылете, в аэропорту.
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    Very responsible, responsive, professional and flexible. Cars are in perfect condition, new, safe and comfortable.

    What I appreciate the most is the friendly attitude of the team and attention to detail. I am from Sofia but travel a lot so this is the best solution for me to always have a well maintained, equipped and safe vehicle.

    Thank you guys!

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    Perfekter Service! Die Speedycars hat mir für eine Reise nach Bansko ein maßgeschneidertes und faires Angebot gemacht. Ich war mit Bedienung, Abwicklung und natürlich mit dem Auto selbst hochzufrieden. Gerne wieder!!!

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  • Кристиян Табаков / 06.02.2018 12:52


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  • Nick Kolev / 14.11.2017 18:55

    I have used Speedycars for the last 6 years, usually during my summer and/or winter holidays in Bulgaria and they have provided consistently an outstanding service. We are a family of four and travel with two small kids and they always made an effort to find a suitable size car for us. I have rented various cars over the years from them and the vehicles have always been very clean and in an excellent condition. My impression is that they update their fleet regularly and keep it modern and up to date. I never experienced any technical difficulties with the cars while driving either in Bulgaria or abroad (Greece. Overall, in my experience, Speedycars is excellent value and provide great customer services.

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