Travel abroad

Thanks to our reputed company, every client has the opportunity to rent a car to travel to a European country. Our company offers the „Travel Abroad” service. In this way, the client does not feel any limitations regarding his future plans.

The following documents are prepared:

  • Green Card;
  • Power of Attorney for Travel Abroad.

No matter what class of car you decide to hire during your trip, the fee you have to pay is the same. The size is determined not by the vehicle and the extras offered by it, but by the distance existing between the two countries. You should conclude that the nearest destinations are cheaper, and for the more distant – more expensive.

Country Price (in EURO) with VAT
Greece €60
Romania €60
Serbia €70
Austria €120
Macedonia €80
Slovakia €120
Slovenia €120
Poland €130

In case you have any specific questions, we advise you to contact the service staff who will gladly assist you in answering your questions.

If you declare your trip less than 48 hours before hiring a vehicle, you should be aware that the fee is doubled.

That is why our company offers you to think wisely and act pragmatically so that the final price is in its normal size. Rent the car at least 48 hours before the trip and make sure that this type of pleasure and entertainment will not cost you expensive.