What to prepare for your trip to Greece by car

What to prepare for your trip to Greece by car

Are you planning your first family trip to Greece by car? Or are about to go on a holiday with your partner in a coastal town of our southern neighbor? It's a good idea to inform yourself with a few specifics, and not just in terms of the road situation so that you can be as prepared as possible and have as relaxed and pleasant a stay as possible.

Traveling in Greece with GPS - watch out for pitfalls

Are you about to go on a vacation to an unfamiliar area that you haven't traveled to before? We live in the 21st century and relying on technology to get you to the right location is absolutely normal.

Our advice is to get to know the specific route in advance and have one planned. GPS will help you in the mass case, but there is a trick…

The quality of mobile internet in Greece can play a bad joke on you. So it's best to download the necessary data from the app you're using beforehand so you can access the map information offline. Another tip is always to keep in mind that navigation cannot be 100% up to date.

What are the specific requirements for traveling to Greece

Once the pandemic situation has subsided, there are no longer any specific requirements. You can relax and drive in peace because it is no longer necessary to fill in travel declarations for Greece.

When traveling to Greece by private car, be prepared for toll taxes

If this is your first time traveling to Greece, be prepared to pay toll taxes. Certain sections of the road have regulated toll rates, which you have to pay when you pass. Don't worry about cash. There are pos terminals at most of the outlets. However, you can prepare yourself with more cash to make sure you will be ready for accidental situations if occur.

You can avoid paying the toll taxes by choosing another route. In most cases, however, it is not worth it because these roads are lower quality and take more time.

What about the traffic in Greece

Most tourists making regular trips to Greece say that driving on the highways in Greece is no problem. When it comes to the roads on some of the most popular Greek islands you should prepare for relatively narrow streets and difficult parking.

Specifics of traveling by rental car in Greece

Greece is just next door so you can use a rent-a-car service to reach the county because your costs will be minimal. When you travel abroad with a rental car you have to have important documents - usually a green card and a power of attorney to travel abroad in the rented car. Please note that these requirements do not apply to every country.

Would you like to take advantage of our car rental service to travel to and within Greece? For more information about the service, please contact our team who will explain the necessary steps for booking a car and its unhindered use outside the country.