Traveling to Turkey by car - advantages and recommendations

Traveling to Turkey by car - advantages and recommendations

After the lifting of the restrictions for Bulgarian citizens on crossing the border of our southeastern neighbor, the interest of domestic tourists to destinations in the near Orient is increasing. And this is quite expected.

One of the questions that comes to mind when you are organizing your trip to Turkey is if it’s worth relying on your own transport by car or if is it better to choose to travel with a group and shared transport.

In this article, we will try to give guidance for your trip to Turkey by listing a few advantages of traveling by private car. In addition, we'll give you some tips and tricks for traveling by private car that you may find particularly useful.

Advantages of traveling to Turkey by private car

The best about traveling by private car is that you get to know the destination better. When you travel by private transport, you have the option to stop as much and wherever you want. You can also simply change your destination if you wish, or spend more time in a place you want to enjoy for longer.

This is a great way to find some roadside hidden gems in Turkey's crown that you might not come across on a planned group transport trip.

Traveling by private car in Turkey gives you more freedom. In this way, you don’t have to follow what the group wants or the pre-sets of the travel agency. You can decide at any time to change your original plans and trust your intuition for the next dream destination offering a unique holiday experience.

Important recommendations when traveling to Turkey by car

One of the options for traveling in Turkey is by renting a car. For this purpose, you should not forget to request this in advance from the car rental company you have chosen. The reason behind this is that you will need a green card to be issued and also a power of attorney to be made to travel abroad with the rental car.

These documents will be needed right at the border, so make sure they are in a handy place when you travel.

Already planning your car trip to Turkey in 2022? According to the current up-to-date travel information to Turkey, you can cross the border from Bulgaria to Turkey and back only with an ID card.

It's a good idea to keep a few things in mind when traveling in the country.

First of all, be sure to check what are the specific speed limits in the country. For the motorway, the limit is 120 km/h, for dual carriageways outside settlements - 90 km/h and 50 km/h in settlements. You have to pay attention to directional signs as well.

We advise you not to consume any alcohol when traveling in Turkey because the restrictions in this respect are reduced to the absolute minimum of blood alcohol content.

Another piece of advice is to avoid reaching the center of old towns in Turkey known for their history as they are often blocked by parked cars on both sides. If possible, park on the outskirts. Also don't forget to check in advance if your hotel has convenient parking.

Wishing you a smooth journey to Turkey, safe travels and a memorable stay!