If you are looking for an economical car rental during your stay in Bulgaria you are in the right place. The cars we offer in the economy car category are an excellent choice for an efficient vehicle with low fuel consumption.

Economy-class cars feature compact dimensions, comfortable interiors, and low fuel consumption. They are suitable for rental in urban environments where economical driving is important.

Whatever the rental occasion, you can choose the economy car rental approach from our online catalog. When selecting the vehicles, we have tried to rely on well-known car brands and their economical practical models.

What economy cars can you rent from us

Explore the urban environment of Sofia with the right rental car. If you are coming to the city for business or need a vehicle to reach another part of the country, we recommend that you opt for an economy-class car.

Vehicles in this category offer low fuel consumption and many benefits that are best appreciated in an urban environment.

We do our best to offer you well-serviced vehicles that ensure you a safe and secure journey.

We currently have the following economy cars in our fleet available for hire:

  • Volkswagen Polo Automatic model 2020;

It is a compact and stylish car with good fuel economy and automatic transmission.

  • Volkswagen Polo 2020;

A practical and reliable car suitable for city driving.

  • Toyota Yaris Hybrid Automatic model 2022;

A car with a contemporary design and economical technology that is easy to drive.

Advantages of economy-class cars

Drivers who value vehicle practicality and efficiency find many advantages in renting an economy-class car. Cars of this type have compact dimensions, an economical engine, and a practical design. This makes them the perfect choice for getting around quickly and easily in urban conditions.

Apart from lower fuel consumption, these cars are also chosen because of the greater possibility of easy and quick parking in big cities. This is due to their smaller size and better maneuverability.

The economy cars that you can hire from are equipped with modern technology to provide drivers and passengers with advanced technological solutions. This ensures comfort and safety while traveling.

Last but not least, the prices for renting an economy-class car are much more affordable than those of a higher-class car or a luxury car.

Secure a reliable and economical car during your stay in Sofia or the country. Choose a car and contact us to arrange the rental.