Minivans for rent

Minivans are the second most spacious and largest transport vehicles after vans. Unlike the vans, these vehicles are much more family-friendly.

They are convenient for long distances or short transfers from airports to hotels and that is why offer several spacious minivan models from which you can choose.

Why rent a minivan 

The size and space of minivans definitely the two main reasons people choose them. For a lot of people in Bulgaria and Europe this is the only convenient and pleasant way of transporting families – up to 7 persons and their luggage.

These cars are characterized by incredible comfort for both the driver and the passengers. Older models are equipped with air conditioning in every part of the cabin but only the driver can control it. Newer ones, such as the Ford Galaxy, gives the passengers full control of all 7 heating zones.

Even with full passenger capacity minivans have enough luggage space for all persons. For heavier and bulkier loads these type of vehicles can be equipped with a roof rack.

What are the advantages of renting a minivan

The advantages of renting a minivan are many. Some of them are related to the practicality of this type of vehicle, and others – simply to the comfort and the large space. Among the most common advantages that our clients point out are:

  • Comfortable driving;
  • Road safety;
  • High mobility;
  • On-board computer and navigation.

Seen through the perspective of a family, we can easily understand why so many Bulgarians and foreigners decide to rent a minivan.

What is the difference between a minivan and a van

The main differences between the two are the external size and the internal volume of the car. People rent cars and vans because they are bigger and can accommodate more people and luggage. The seats are separated and therefore allow easier entry through the single side door.

Minivans have a more family-friendly seating arrangement, with sliding doors on both sides of the rear seats and two front doors for the driver and the front passenger. There are also two more seats at the very back (sometimes one, but that depends on the model).

If you are transporting small children, it’s important that you can get to them from the front easily. The comfort that a minivan has is also another major factor.

Tips for renting a minivan

The most important things when it comes to choosing a minivan for rent are the child safety seat and the extra seatbelts. The truth is that most modern minivans are quite similar in terms of seat placement, with the only differences being the extras and the engine power.

A lot of the minivans have powerful engines and automatic or manual gearboxes, which allows you to choose the level of comfort and control that fits your needs.  If you prefer to not bother with gear shifting, you can get a minivan with an automatic gearbox, and if you want more control you can get one with a manual gearbox.

Everything else is a matter of choosing the right package for you, which our team can happily provide.