Standard car rentals are the most commonly rented cars. They provide a combination of style and comfort. The representatives of the standard car class that you will find in our fleet have larger dimensions, making them comfortable family cars.

The best characteristic by which we can define them as such is the large trunk and spacious space. Standard cars are a good choice if you have young children who still ride in car seats. The ample space in the rear seats gives you the option of fitting several child seats.

Everyday travel in cars in this class is a real pleasure, thanks to the spacious interior and the availability of modern systems. The design of these cars impresses with attention to detail and the use of quality materials.

Standard rental cars: a combination of power and performance

Cars of this class are equipped with powerful engines and high-end chassis, which ensures a dynamic driving experience. Despite the power of the engine, standard cars glide along the roadway smoothly and elegantly.

This makes them suitable for long journeys where vehicle performance is very important. The cars we have in our fleet give drivers and passengers a feeling of impeccable comfort and stability.

Some of the standard rental car models we offer are:

  • Toyota Corolla Hybrid Automatic model year 2022

The car is an elegant sedan that offers a spacious interior and a glamorous exterior.

  • Volkswagen Golf 7 SW Automatic

This is a beautiful station wagon that features an automatic transmission and provides stability on the road.

  • Volkswagen Passat Automatic

The Passat is one of the brand's favorite models and is often preferred for long journeys because they guarantee stability and safety.

  • Volkswagen Passat SW Automatic

The Passat estate model is also a favorite with our customers. The car has an automatic gearbox, and its consumption is 7.

Comfort and stability in one class of car

Standard car rentals are a reliable choice if you need a car that guarantees stability and safety when traveling long distances. Their larger size also implies better safety on the road.

Despite their size, they remain very maneuverable, making them convenient for urban driving as well. Parking is another matter. These cars require a more spacious parking space, which can be a challenge at times.

The standard car category is large and you can browse through all our offerings to make the right choice of car rental. At, we ensure that every car is well serviced and cleaned before being rented.