Minibuses for rent

Vans are recognized as one of the most convenient means of transport in the world. Their internal volume and capacity makes transferring passengers over short or long distances much easier.

There are several things to consider when choosing a van for rent. In the next few paragraphs you we explain why they are of great importance.

In what situation do you need to rent a van

Many people associate vans with cargo vans, which are used for transporting goods and luggage from one place to another. However, in this publication we are going to talk about vans, designed for a careful and comfortable transportation of people.

Depending on their model and year of production passenger vans can be equipped with basic, as well as luxurious extras such as TVs in the back of the seats and individual sound and air conditioning systems.

Of course, this type of vehicle costs much more than ordinary passenger vans but if you need to transport important people, the price may be worth it.

The price for renting such a car (i.e. a more luxurious passenger van) is higher but the passengers are going to be much more satisfied. However, a lot of transport companies choose to rent high-end vans precisely because of the stability and the lower cost during the rental period.

What kind of passenger vans can you rent

Fortunately, like normal cars, there are many models, brands and sizes. This gives our customers the opportunity to choose the right vehicle for their needs.

We have different models of passenger vans, with different number of seats:

  • Vans with 6 + 2 seats;
  • Vans with additional trunk space;
  • Luxury models;
  • Models with 4 + 2 seats.

We also offer various packages for long-distance transport vehicles, as well as transport services with a driver. This type of service packages can be chosen before the type of the vehicle itself.

Why do you need to rent a van

The main reason for renting this type of vehicle is related to the passenger capacity of the cabin. The whole point of transferring people is to provide a comfortable transportation. In order to do that, you need to have enough space for everyone on board.

The data, which the team of gathered, shows that hotels, transport companies, travel agencies and sport clubs rent vans most often.

As we said above, the main reason to choose a van for transportation is the passenger capacity. However, there are other reasons why people choose this type of service. Here’s a few:

  • Weddings, celebrations, proms;
  • Transportation of important people;
  • Concerts;
  • Choirs, theater troupes.

Due to the large luggage capacity many families also choose to rent a van because it saves them the worry of insufficient space for all family members and their belongings.

This type of service also includes additional packages for increasing the luggage capacity by adding external luggage racks at the rear or the top of the van, as well as ski racks and safety seats for children.

To find out more about this type of service, the packages available and the option of using a professional driver you can contact us 24/7.