How to prepare for your trip to Romania

How to prepare for your trip to Romania

Romania is the largest country in Southeast Europe and the 12th largest in Europe as a whole. The terrain offers a variety of reliefs among which we can enjoy equal parts mountains, hills, and plains.

With a rich history, a Black Sea border, interesting rural colors, and a forward-thinking city life, the country is an excellent tourist destination for anyone who wants to relax without spending too much money on it.

You have never traveled to and in our northern neighbor before and you are about to plan your first trip to Romania by car? Let us help you by providing you with the most basic information that will surely be useful to you.

Key recommendations when traveling in Romania by car

We can't go into the details without giving you clear information about the documents you need to bring with you when you cross the border. As citizens of the European Union, we have the right to cross the borders of Romania (and therefore to reside on its territory) only by presenting an identity card.

In case you are the driver of the vehicle or will have to drive it, you must carry your driving license with you. If you are traveling in a rented car, it is important to take a proper document certifying your right to use it outside Bulgarian borders.

Be sure to check the validity of any document you know you need for the trip. As trivial as this advice may sound, there have been many cases where the smooth start of a holiday has been ruined by expired paperwork.

In case you are looking to rent a car to Romania, you can rely on our services. As the destination is close, the price of our service we will offer you is one of the lowest for driving a rental car abroad. You can also take advantage of our transfer service from Sofia to Bucharest.

According to a study, in recent years Romania has been at the forefront in terms of the number of road accidents per vehicle. Therefore, our main advice here is to pay attention to the road and strictly follow the rules of the country.

Travel to Romania - what are the most popular destinations

Since the destination is close, the best way to reach the county is by car. This way you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sights in the country. Here are some specific suggestions if you are still undecided about what to see when traveling in Romania.

If you are a romantic person and have an interest in history, Transylvania is one of the places that will impress you for sure. You can stay near Brasov, preparing yourself for some of the most unique castles and fortified buildings to be found on the peninsula. Bran, Sinaia, Peles, Sighisoara, and Sibiu are some of the most popular destinations in the county.

Of course, the capital Bucharest is also one of the preferred choices. In case you've never had a chance to explore the city itself, plan at least a day’s stay in it. We are sure, after that, you will want to visit the city again. Other favorite choices of tourists are the "Merry Cemetery" in Maramures County and the salt mine in Turda.