Traveling to Serbia - 5 facts you should know in advance

Traveling to Serbia - 5 facts you should know in advance

Although Serbia is one of our immediate neighbors, there are not a few Bulgarians who have never traveled there on their own. Today's post focuses on 5 facts you might not know if you haven't made your first trip to Serbia yet, but will be especially useful in case you are planning to do so.

What do the drivers should know for traveling to Serbia

When it comes to crossing the Bulgarian-Serbian border for the first time, it is best to prepare your patiency first. Sometimes, the border guards choose to carry out a more thorough check, also going through some of the passengers' luggage. Don't worry if this happens to you as it is a very routine situation and you are no exception to the rule.

Travelling in Serbia - what to expect on internal roads

As for the quality of the roads, a lot depends on where you are coming from. For Balkan countries the situation is not unusual, so don't expect anything different. As usual, the best options are international transit routes. Accordingly, stick to them whenever possible.

You have to be aware that you are obligated to pay tolls on the motorways here. You can prepare for these with cash or cashless payment. You can learn more about the specific price for the route in advance. Usually, it will depend on the type of vehicle.

Parking is also an aspect to be prepared for. Here it is important to know that you can park your car for up to 1 hour in a red zone, up to 2 hours in a yellow zone, and 3 hours in a green zone. This limit can’t be extended and the penalty for returning the car is salty.

Be careful when renting a car in Serbia

If you're looking to rent a car in Serbia, it's best to avoid renting directly from places like airports, train and bus stations. These are the places that most often offer inflated prices due to the persuasiveness of the location. In general, it's best to avoid making arrangements on the spot for car rental services.

In case you are traveling from Sofia, we can provide you with a rental car with which you can organize your trip to Serbia without having to pay exorbitant amounts for your trip. For more details about traveling by rental car, you can contact our staff at the contacts below.

Drive carefully because the Serbian police are always there

This is one of the main warnings that any experienced tourist who has crossed the borders of Serbia many times will tell you. In case of traffic offences under national law, be prepared to pay a fine on the spot. Our advice is not to test the correctness of this fact by your own experience.