Campers for rent – are they suitable for family vacations

Campers for rent – are they suitable for family vacations

Family vacations are a fun and enjoyable experience but they can sometimes be very stressful. Traveling to your destination can be tough, there are all sorts of obstacles which can make your blood boil. However, using a camper can significantly remove those obstacles and give you a pleasant experience with low probability of problems.

In the next few paragraphs the team of will try to expand on the advantages campers have over caravans, as well as whether renting such a vehicle can really make a difference when it comes to family vacations.

What kind of campers are the best for family holidays 

Campers are a special type of vehicle. They resemble vans but have much larger dimensions. However, not every camper is suitable for a family vacation in the summer, especially if the family is big.

Here are some of the main things you and your loved ones will need in order to feel comfortable:

  • Enough space for everyone;
  • Comfortable beds for all family members;
  • Cooking space;
  • Toilet;
  • Opportunity of entertainment.

These things are just a small part of the basics a camper can offer you. With this in mind, the best choice for a camper is a high-end model with more extras and space.

Yes, these type of models are more expensive but the comfort they provide you is incomparable and they guarantee that you are going to be satisfied with your decision.

Many parents want to sleep separately from their children if the family is too big. That’s why it’s important that every member has their own bed. In this case it’s recommended that you choose a camper with a bedroom and extra beds for children so that everyone has their own sleeping space.

The advantages of renting a camper

The main advantage of this type of vehicle (in comparison with the caravan) is that campers are completely self-propelled and therefore offer you more independence. They are also more convenient when it comes to camping in the winter or at high altitudes.

They have more insulation and have a heating system for the entire living space. Here are some other advantages that can convince you to rent a camper:

  • Greater passenger capacity;
  • Generally more luxurious than caravans;
  • Complete independence on the road;
  • Many camping amenities;
  • Bathroom and satellite TV.

Depending on which camper rental service you choose, you can also choose from a variety of packages, suitable for different situations. A camper can have many amenities, such as more seating chairs, a refrigerator, a sink, a bathroom with a toilet, a satellite dish, a coffee machine, cutlery and many more.

What types of campers for rent can you find in Bulgaria

One of the most important things when it comes to renting a camper is the model you are going to choose. The truth is that all campers provide comfort and a lot of space but larger models can be even more spacious and therefore comfortable for long family vacations.

In Bulgaria you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of campers – models from manufacturers like Fiat, Mercedes, Honda, Peugeot. There are also luxury, off-road and long term campers with double beds and awnings.

To get a better idea of the available campers and cars for rent in Sofia, we recommend that you visit the automotive fleet of the company, whose services you consider using. This way you can examine the condition of the vehicle you plan to rent and can receive more up-to-date information about it.