General Civil Liability Insurance: check, price, calculator

General Civil Liability Insurance: check, price, calculator

The compulsory General civil liability insurance is taken out for each vehicle in order to cover the liability of the driver in case of damage caused by its use. Every car which is available for rent at has General liability insurance for the convenience of our customers. We have added auto insurance and insurance against theft and fire.

How can you check the validity of the insurance? What does its cost depend on? How can you conveniently calculate its cost before visiting the insurer? Especially for our customers, we have gathered the answers to these questions in this article.

How to check the validity of the General civil liability insurance

Usually, the validly concluded insurance in Bulgaria has a validity period of 1 year. However, the insurance can also be concluded for up to 3 years. You receive a sticker when taking out the insurance where the day and the month of the validity are marked. Keep in mind, in already discussed changes to the legislation, there has been a willingness to remove the green sticker.

For vehicles with foreign registrations, the insurance may also only cover a period of 30 days. Some policies are valid for 365 days, while for others the 365 + 1 rule applies.

There is an easy way to check how much time is left until the termination of your general liability insurance – you can make a quick online check on the official website of the Guarantee Fund.

On the official website page, you will find the service for checking the General liability insurance or for valid border civil liability insurance. You can verify the insurance by using the vehicle's registration number, frame number or sticker number, or series. It’s enough to fill in one of the criteria fields to find out how long your policy is valid.

In the same place, you can also find the option to check the validity of the insurance for a past moment (to a specific date already passed).

Calculate the cost of a civil liability insurance policy

There is no legal requirement for a specific policy price. As with any other insurance, the cost of third-party liability insurance is linked to the risk of the insured event occurring and, more specifically in this case, to the scope and amount of liability.

To calculate the price, you have to fill in data about the type of vehicle, engine capacity, operating fuel, power, vehicle capacity, year of first registration, and the purpose for which it will be used is usually specified.

Regarding calculating third-party liability, you can find a calculator on the website of almost every insurer and some even offer a comparison between different companies. Prices have always been relatively similar but there is an overall increase, especially in recent months.