Family Excursion - Why Rent a Car

Family Excursion - Why Rent a Car

The family trip suggests that you will travel with a larger number of members of your family. These may be your children, who could be two, three or more. It may be that your parents are yours or those of your partner. And it is not excluded that you are brothers and sisters with their families or your close friends with your children.

Whether it's a summer vacation at the sea or a mountain skiing, in all cases, this involves the inclusion of a larger number of people, which in turn means a higher total transport cost.

Why public transport is not an option

Public transport includes metro, buses (urban and long-distance), trams, trains and the like. It features several features that do not make it quite suitable for any situation. Its most typical features are:

  • Requires you to follow a specific schedule;
  • Passes through a strictly defined route;
  • There are specific hours of departure in the morning and stops after a certain hour in the evening (at least in the case of mass);
  • You usually have to travel with many unknown people;
  • Vehicles are not always in the state we want them to be.

To go wherever we want

Let's assume you're on holiday in Varna, Sofia or Bansko. If you do not have your own car, you will actually miss some of the most beautiful places in these cities because they are not necessarily in them, and they can be ten kilometers or more in the vicinity.

Taking advantage of the Rent a Car service will allow you to reach any point of interest to you. Let's not mention that you will actually have the unique opportunity to move from one place to another in a narrower circle, surrounded only by your loved ones.

The price is not higher

Family excursion involves a larger number of participants. This can be 4, 5 or, for example, 6 people. Imagine that you want to travel around a city, like Sofia or Varna, to get to know the place with all its sights and places of interest.

Think about how many times you have to change different lines of public transport, how many tickets you have to buy, how much you have to wait and how your whole day will dedicate yourself to somewhere and spend some hours there.

The rented car will only require you to refuel and pay the rental fee. You can then travel as much as you want, not missing anything interesting and worthwhile.

The comfort is incomparable

There is no doubt that the convenience offered by a rented car is incomparable to the background of all other ways of traveling. Keep in mind that your vacation is one of the most valuable moments you can spend unforgettable with your family.

That's why it's very important to make the most of the opportunity to relax and provide comfort at all times.