How to make a check for traffic tickets in Bulgaria

How to make a check for traffic tickets in Bulgaria

There are just a few drivers who have never been routinely stopped by traffic police when they found out for the first time during a regular check that they have unpaid debts to the traffic police. Most often these are fines imposed when the speeding offense is detected, which are imposed on the basis of an electronic ticket that has not been physically handed to the person.

Is it possible to avoid the unpleasant "surprise" by informing ourselves in advance about the existence of fines for which we haven’t received a document? has researched the issue and provides the answers you need.

Check for traffic fines on the Portal for electronic administrative services

You don’t need to go to a physical building of the road’s directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to check if you have any fines to pay. There is a way to do it completely remotely. You can find this service on the official website of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria.

On the website in the portal for electronic administrative services, you can check fully online what are your current obligations to the traffic police. What you have to do is to select the services under the activity "Traffic Police" where you will find a link for checking the obligations under the slip and penalty notice. In the same place, you can also make payments on the currently pending debts.

In the section, you can choose to make the check by using the driving license number and the uniform civil number or ID number of the foreigner. The other option is to check the number of the document on the basis of which the fine is payable (slip or penalty notice) and indicate the specific cost you have to pay. It’s possible to make the payments in the portal.

Before June 2020 in the portal for administrative services of the Ministry of the Interior, it was possible to check only available obligations under already served acts. Since June 2020 the reference also provides information on undelivered penalty notices and electronic slips.

In this case, there is no information about the amount of the fine and the date of the infringement, only the fact that there is such a fine. This information is obtained at the police station, where you can receive the acts themselves.

Currently, it is not possible to check for traffic tickets online.

Traffic police check for fines - why the act should be served

If the check shows that you have undelivered deeds, the system will send you a message that you need to visit the relevant unit in order to receive the acts.

Penalty notices shall be served at the traffic police unit of the regional directorate of the Ministry of the Interior at the place of residence, and electronic tickets shall be served at any district police station or traffic police unit.

In order for the penalty notice or the electronic ticket imposing the fine to enter into force, the relevant document must be served. Once it enters into force, the limitation period for payment of the fine, which is 2 years, begins.